‘You Hate our food? Cook yours,’ Kenyans to Bob Collymore

'You Hate our food? Cook yours,' Kenyans to Bob Collymore

Kenyans on social media are at it again, and this time Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is the subject of their angry posts.

It all started when the telco giant’s boss shared his personal view about Kenyan cuisine during a one-on-one interview on a local station. When asked what his favorite food is, he divulged that he does not like Kenyan food.

“Let me just be up front about it because you accuse me of saying Kenya is my favorite country because I am here. Actually, I don’t like Kenyan food very much-which is part of my honesty,” Collymore said.

His comment didn’t go down well with Kenyans on social media who have been known to be fiercely patriotic. Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa have faced the wrath of KOT after ‘offensive’ remarks about Kenya.

As the 46-second video went viral, social media users  they expressed their anger in a flurry of tweets and posts. Below are some comments from the discussion:

 ‏@Wakigogoine  Whats out of order for Bob Collymore saying he doesnt like Kenyan food? I dont like Chinese food, I dont like Rwandan food either

 ‏@ItsMainaKageni  Bob Collymore reveals he didn’t like Kenyan Food …in return, Kenyans had him for lunch 🙂

 ‏@makodingo  So y’all mad at @bobcollymore for not liking Kenyan food? You haven’t searched for a piece of meat in 2L of soup filled with waru & carrots!

 ‏@VinceChepkwony  So what if Bob Collymore does not like Kenyan food? Does he eat for you? Leave the man alone

@cindyogana  Why are guys catching a feeling that Bob Collymore doesnt like Kenyan food& YOu dont like Kenyan music?? 😀 #HotDrive@Hot_96Kenya

‏@ShaffieWeru  #SameheaBobCollymore …he politely revealed the food he prefers lakini WaKenya ni wale wale!

@yazminUbahL:  So Bob Collymore doesn’t like Kenyan food ? No biggy ,I don’t like Safaricom ,but it use it anyway

Ahmed Mohamed: Tweeps attacking Bob Collymore for not liking Kenyan food ON Safaricom bundles!!! Anyway #PilauYaNjeriForBob. I’ll pay @bobcollymore

James Mwangi You don’t have to like the food sir, just endure. We also don’t love Safaricom, we endure.. Its more painful than the food you hate which we adore.

Rasheed Rai Jr. Come on guys…do u like every food on earth? Well I bet not. So Bob Collymore doesn’t like Kenyan food…that’s his opinion and he is entitled to it…same way you’re entitled to your opinions on other foods that you don’t like.

Gabriel Gunner John Sasa mtu Kama huyu unamjibu vipi?

Esther Wachira This Bob Collymore guy has no personal PR.

Evanna Njeri Nyambura Fair enough, i also really hate American food, in fact I don’t eat it.

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'You Hate our food? Cook yours,' Kenyans to Bob Collymore
Story By Koome Kimonye
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5 thoughts on “‘You Hate our food? Cook yours,’ Kenyans to Bob Collymore”

  1. why are you complaining yet when most kenyans will say i like italian oh chinesw sijuia what

  2. When you venture out there actually you realize Kenya we don’t really have variety in the menu. like seriously. In the food department we are challenged no doubt in my mind , as well.

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