22-year-old varsity student Mercy Wangari confesses to killing her grandmother

22-year-old varsity student Mercy Wangari confesses to killing her grandmother
22-year-old Mercy Wangari in a confession told police officers that she killed her grandmother during a fight. Photo: Courtesy

Mercy Wangari aged 22 years old is now being treated as the main suspect in the murder of her 72-year-old granny.

Details are now emerging that the 22-year-old university student confessed to detectives about committing the murder in August last year.

In a lengthy written statement which detectives are treating as a confession, Wangari says her grandmother had been extremely nice and caring to her and her family.

Wangari indicates that she comes from a family of five: two parents and two siblings, all boys.

In her confession, she said that her grandmother began a love and hate relationship with her family when her dad lost his job.

Following the loss of job, the father could no longer provide for the family and had to rely on the grandmother.

Wangari says the grandmother was kind enough to pay her fees and even provide for them.

But according to Wangari, the grandmother would tell other relatives and even villagers about Wangari’s family’s struggles.

This in turn angered Wangari and her family and soon a rift emerged.

Wangari says that her grandmother also began treating her differently because she thought her university education was changing her lifestyle.

In a section of her alleged confession , Wangari says, when visitors came home, her grandmother would only recognize her siblings and not her.

Wangari says last August, she became infuriated because she had had enough.

On the day of the the murder, Wangari was summoned by her grandmother as usual their discussions started well, but before long she said they started arguing.

A fight soon ensued.

Wangari says she and the grandmother fought for a while before she grabbed a metal bar and struck her on the head.

She died instantly. Photographs of the old woman had showed deep cuts on her head.

The family opted to bury the grandmother weeks after police failed to make any arrests.

Wangari says she concealed the murder weapons and clothes by throwing them in a pit latrine which detectives never bothered to inspect at the time.

Five months later, Wangari says in her alleged confession that she could no longer live with her guilt, and decided to share the news with her dad.

And in an interesting twist of events, when Wangari wanted to report herself to the police, her father Patrick Gitimo opted to save his child by turning himself in, saying that he was the one who killed his mother.

Two days ago, police officers took the two to the scene of the incident where the murder weapon was retrieved as well as clothes and shoes.

A lot of the evidence had rotten away in the pit latrine.

Wangari disclosed that she even cut her finger nails and those of her grandmother in a bid to conceal DNA evidance.

Regardless of Wangari’s confession, police are still holding Gitimo in custody because of his decision to take responsibility for the murder.

Detectives say the two will be processed in court but Gitimo’s case will be looked into by the DPP’s office in order to ascertain whether he should be released or charged for claiming to have committed a crime he did not.

The two are being held at the Githunguri police station awaiting completion of investigations in the next 12 days.

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