Beatrice Elachi: A Manifesto for a Limitless and Ambitious Kenya

Beatrice Elachi: A Manifesto for a Limitless and Ambitious Kenya

They say that “Ambition is putting a ladder against the sky”. There is nothing we should not strive for, whether it is in our private lives, our families’ hopes, our community’s dreams and certainly not our nation’s achievements.

When we came to power in 2013, we inherited a Kenya that had little ambition at the leadership level. Kenya had certainly achieved much in its 54 years since independence, but far too many thought that our nation, nestled in a tumultuous corner of East Africa, could rise above our immediate environment, but little else.

This Government had from its very beginning far greater ambitions. We decided very early on that we would not be constrained by previous expectation, our geographic location or events surrounding us.

Thus, we were able to embark on a massive infrastructural transformation and the engines of growth that would propel our country to become a middle-income nation and a country without structural limitations.

Even our opponents have acknowledged that what we have achieved in terms of education, transportation, health, internet and electricity coverage, access to water and closing the gender gaps has been tremendous.

However, we are not looking back over the last four years; we are now seeking to build on these unprecedented foundations a new beginning for Kenya that leaves no Kenyan behind.

A new beginning which provides jobs for those that seek them, a long-term lowering of the cost of living, a first-rate education system, greater financial opportunities, a strong health system and the ability of all Kenyans to enjoy basic needs and 21st century technologies.

Employment creation will be at the heart of the next Jubilee administration’s priorities.

We commit to creating at least 6.5 million jobs over five years to ensure that our people, particularly our youth, can secure and maintain good jobs that enable them to enjoy a decent life. We will concentrate investments in the sectors that are growth oriented and job creating. We are pledging to establish one industry in every single county.

We are building a 21st Century hi-tech industrial revolution in Kenya. Our plan is to continue to develop our nation’s transport, ICT and energy infrastructure so that Kenya attracts global industry and with it a huge expansion in sustainable, high quality, hi-tech jobs for everyone, young and old.

In addition, to give our youth an extra helping hand on the professional ladder, we will establish a government sponsored apprenticeship programme of up to 12 months for all university and TVET graduates.

This is one end of the educational opportunities that we will expand as we will offer all Kenyan children free secondary school education, so no Kenyan will be forced to pull their children from school depriving them of a brighter future because of financial reasons.

As a result of our massive investment in transformative infrastructure, we are now able to promise the building of at least 500,000 affordable homes in five years across the country by working in partnership with financial institutions, private developers, and manufacturers of building materials and cooperatives to deliver houses faster and reduce the cost of construction by at least 50%.

While our expansion of healthcare services has been revolutionary, we will ensure that no Kenyan will be without free quality primary healthcare. We will expand the “Linda Mama” programme to give 12 months free maternal cover to all and ensure NHIF cover to all Kenyans above 70 years of age, and increase the quantity and quality of health facilities across the country.

We will bring down the cost of basic foods by massively expanding domestic food and agricultural production, double the fertilizer subsidy initiative, reducing the cost to farmers to less than Ksh1,500 and expanding the programme to include all crops with a resultant increase in production and a lowering of the cost to consumers.

This coupled with our roads, railway and dam construction programme will mean that goods will get to the market faster, further reducing the cost of food for all Kenyans.

To seriously lower the cost of basic goods, not just for a month or two, but for the long term one has to deal with issues of infrastructure, ensuring markets for the food and assisting farmers increase their capacity at lower costs. This is what we have been doing over the last four years and will complete over the next five.

We will continue our journey of devolution and make government more transparent and accountable through the digitization of all government procurement; expand and deliver e-government services through the growing network of Huduma Centres.

All of this is achievable and this future is within our grasp. However, we need to keep moving forward and not allow cheap promises from politicians without a record of progress or achievement to sidetrack our nation.

I know that Kenyans match our ambition and are not content with mediocrity, but of a Kenya where the sky is the limit.

My government is building this ladder of opportunity one rung at a time. After four years of achievement, the end is now in sight. Please join us as we continue scaling this ladder together and reach the future.

With us, this future is Kenya.


Beatrice Elachi,Dagoreti North Jubilee candidate

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