Body of missing child reportedly killed by Masten Wanjala identified

Body of missing child reportedly killed by Masten Wanjala identified

A family in Majengo area of Nairobi is mourning the death of their 13-year-old son who was allegedly murdered by serial Killer Masten Wanjala. After two days of denial, the family confirmed the remains of Charles Opindo who had been lying at the City Mortuary.

Opindo’s parents spoke of the distressing experience in the hands of a ransom seeker who kept Opindo’s father engaged on phone hoping they would reunite with their son. It turns out they may have sent over 2,800 shillings to a criminal long after their son died. Sam Gituku reports. 

Kitui Village in Majengo area of Nairobi. Residents here are accustomed to making life from little. A community that knows no luxury of basic needs. The past few days have been sad. This is the home of Charles Opindo’s parents.

A thirteen-year-old boy who disappeared at the end of June. And when two bodies ware taken to City Mortuary, Opindo’s parents went to view, They didn’t think what they saw was anything close to their son.

When we visited, they were getting ready to return to city mortuary for a second look. They were hopeful that since they had cooperated with the ransom seeker to some extent, their son may have been alive.

” wakanipigia wakaniambia tuma pesa Fulani ama tuue motto. Nikawaambia msiue mtoto,”  Tony Opindo, the father to the deceased said. 

The ransom seekers begun a conversation with Opindo’s father on 3rd of July. On the 9th he sent 950 shillings to the number given. It is not registered on MPESA. Two days later, Tony sent another 1,950 shillings pleading for his son’s release…

“Wakasema tumepata wewe ni mwaminifu, hatutaua mtoto. Wakasema tume pesa ingine uongee na yeye,”  he adds. 

He never got to speak to his son. And then this Tuesday on the 13th of July he got a text message from the abductors. Written in broken Swahili and sheng reading, “nitakwambia hiyo keja lakini mimi? Ju wewe utakam na mabanga (meaning the police) soo wewe nitumie thao mbili juu ukipata mtoi hutanipea tena? nimesikia ati wanapelekwa…Tanzania siku chache?? mm nitakwambia Me?

Another attempt to extort 2,000 shillings from Tony.

“Simu ya mwihso nilipata akaniambia nimekwamsha usiku uzungumze na mtoto hukushika simu. Nikamwambia pole hapo nimekosea…nikamwambia wacha niongee na mtoto, akasema sasa huwezi kwa kuwa niliko kuna ulinzi mkali sana,” 

This was happening at a time his son had already been killed. His body was recovered that night in a thicket in lower Kabete, already decomposing. … they couldn’t tell it was their son.

‘Alikuwa amechomeka kila mahali huku miguuni, kila mahali,” the boys mum said. 

Tony admits he has known Wanjala for many years. A common face in the Kitui village community. He has been playing with Young elephants, a football club that has about 80 boys.

On his Facebook account, Wanjala calls himself Masten Dybala. He claims to have attended school at the Kenyatta University and St. Anthony’s high school, Kitale.

Both are false. His page has several photographs of himself on happier days with young footballers and trainers. Including Kinyago Football club where the late Junior Mutuku Musyoki one of his victims played.

He writes on his profile, “When you finish talking bad, about Me.. Don’t forget to tell them the good l did for you… not an ex’ 

“Alikujanga hapa akiwa mdogo kama street families. Alikuja kaka na mama hapa anamchotea maji,” Ibrahim Kilonzo – Chair, Residents Association told Citizen TV. 

Opindo’s parents so broken with the tough task to plan a burial for their firstborn son in Khwisero, Kakamega county.

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