Live: Trump leads Clinton in knife-edge race for White House

Live: Trump leads Clinton in knife-edge race for White House
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in tight race as they battle for key states. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Trump leads Clinton 254-209 electoral votes after taking Wisconsin and Georgia.

Recent elections results
Recent elections results


Huge win for Trump

Trump wins key battleground state Florida.

US election neck and neck


US presidential election neck-and-neck as Clinton takes California with rival Trump winning North Carolina. Clintons leads 190-186 in path to 270 electoral votes.

Path to 270 electoral votes. IMAGE: CNN
Path to 270 electoral votes. IMAGE: CNN

Clinton takes Virginia

Hillary Clinton takes Virginia to win 13 electoral votes. Clinton projected to win Colorado.  As it stands Donald leads with 167 to Clinton’s 131 electoral votes.

Path to 270 electoral votes. IMAGE: CNN
Path to 270 electoral votes. IMAGE: CNN

Donald Trump takes early lead

Republican candidate Donald Trump has taken an early lead ahead of Hillary Clinton with 140-104 in race to clinch 270 electoral votes needed to win amid tight race for key battlegrounds.


The path to 270 electoral votes

Path to 20 electoral votes: IMAGE:
Path to 20 electoral votes: IMAGE:

Republicans keep House of Representatives

Republicans will retain their majority in the House of Representatives, CNN projects. The battle for the Senate continues.

Republicans were expected to retain their majority in House – the question of how large the majority will be is still unresolved.

An image of the US House of Representatives building.
An image of the US House of Representatives building.

More projections

Donald Trump will win Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and three out of five Electoral College votes in Nebraska, CNN projects, while Hillary Clinton will win both candidates’ home state of New York.

Trump leading in two key battleground states 

Donald Trump has a slight lead in Ohio and Florida with over 90% of the vote counted. Hillary Clinton projected to win New York which has 29 electoral votes. Hillary has 97 electoral votes compared to Trump’s 84. 270 electoral votes needed to win presidency.

Battleground states

With 90 per cent of the vote counted in Florida, Donald Trump is leading Clinton but the Democratic candidate is leading in two other key battlegrounds states in Ohio and North Carolina.

CNN projects Hillary Clinton has accumulated 68 Electoral College votes with Donald Trump closing the gap with 66.

From CNN’s Dan Merica in New York: Clinton with family, top aides

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are working on the Democratic nominee’s speech as they watch results come in from a suite at the Peninsula Hotel, according to a Clinton aide.

Trump wins South Carolina, Alabama states 

Donald Trump will win Alabama and South Carolina, CNN projects.

From CNN’s Sara Murray in New York: Source says Trump didn’t invest in Florida

There’s plenty of heartburn in Trumpland tonight about Florida.

Their key concern is how independents are going to break, but two sources say they have no idea – and no data – to indicate what will happen.

Even though Donald Trump himself has been interested in where the independents lean tonight, one source says Trump didn’t make the necessary monetary investment in Florida for them to get the data they would need to model these independent voters.

From CNN’s Jeff Zeleny in New York: Clinton camp sees positive signs in Florida

The Hillary Clinton campaign feels increasingly confident about Florida, according to two campaign advisers, one in New York and one on the ground in Florida.

Here’s why: Clinton appears to be outperforming President Obama in Miami-Dade County. She is even keeping down Trump’s winning margin in Duval County, which includes Jacksonville.

“The Hispanic numbers are going through the roof,” a senior Clinton adviser tells me, pointing to central Florida’s younger Puerto Rican voters and others.

Pennsylvania is a bit more of a mystery. This is a state without early voting, so the Clinton campaign is forced to do it “old school,” as one aide said — by looking at turnout.

Polls about to close in key battleground states

Polls about to close in key states of Florida, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania with Donald Trump having clinched three states.

The Republican candidate has won Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky while Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote in Vermont.



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