How to save money this Christmas season

A sample of the new currency notes issued by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) ...
A sample of the new currency notes issued by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) PHOTO | CITIZEN DIGITAL

The Christmas holiday is finally here!

So much excitement, so many activities and days full of good cheer and laughter have already set in.

As you travel, shop, eat or drink out, remember what they call the ‘longest month of the year’ is only two weeks away.

We have all been there. We have learnt the hard lessons of ‘Njaanuary’ and I doubt you want to go down that road again.

As you enjoy the festive season, here are a few tips to help you cut on the expenses and save money.


1. Track your expenses

Don’t spend your money blindly! Write down or simply put on record the items you want to spend your money on this season.

This will help you avoid going over your budget.

2. Look out for discounts/offers

Like always, mouth-watering deals are already flying left right and centre because Christmas is finally here.

For instance, if you’re being offered two or so items at the price of one or the price is reduced, consider that deal.

3. Avoid impulse buying

By now, that December ‘salo’ and maybe a few bonuses here and there have already checked in.

With your pockets well-oiled why won’t you be tempeted to buy every nice item you come across and can afford?

You might want it but, please, if you don’t really need it, let it go!

4. Be keen on extra charges

The charges that come about when you pay a bill or transfer money from your bank account are what we are talking about here.

This Christmas season you can make ALL your payments at no extra cost.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya is making things more convenient and secure for you through the Co-op Visa Card.

When you shop, eat out or carry out different transactions over this season, always reach for your Co-op Visa Card to make payments! It is secure, convenient and best of all, payments are made at No Extra Cost.

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