How to stay safe when strong winds hit

How to stay safe when strong winds hit

Strong winds in a powerful storm can knock down trees, cut power, damaged buildings and even overturn vehicles.

Experts aver that strong winds emerge when pressure in the atmosphere varies which causes gusts of air to rush in and fill low pressure zones.

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“High winds are usually expected during stormy weather or high-profile storms and hurricanes but they can also occur even on a clear day due to temperature variations,” a report from Direct Energy says.

Turbulence from cold air can also provoke strong winds because of pressure difference.

Below are tips on how to stay safe:

  1. If you have a smartphone, download a weather app so that you get alerts and know when to move indoors
  2. Avoid sitting near windows and ensure they are closed
  3. If you are outside, stay face-down in a ditch or low-lying ground, with your hands clasped behind your head
  4. If you are driving, reduce speed and keep a lengthy distance from other cars
  5. If you notice downed electricity poles or damaged electrical equipment, do not touch; report it to the relevant authorities
  6. Children should always be indoors when there are strong winds
  7. If you have a car, park it in an area that has a roof if possible

You are also advised to plan ahead by trimming tree branches that may pose danger; scheduling a professional to inspect your roof and sealing any cracks around windows and doors.

You should also prepare an emergency kit and keep your compound clear of loose objects and debris that may be blown against your house.

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