Is it risky to invest money in trading?

Is it risky to invest money in trading?

If you are looking for ways to double your money, you may have thought about cryptocurrency trading. People are amused by the profit stories of investors and want to jump into investing money themselves directly. However, you should take a look at some of the risk factors involved in cryptocurrency trading. In the end, we will also take a look at some of the counter moves to minimize the risks.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Let’s take a brief movement to see what cryptocurrency trading is. The buying and selling of cryptocurrency for generating profit are known as trading. Usually, you would buy a cryptocurrency when its price is low. You can buy bitcoin from the Then you hold the cryptocurrencies for a while, and when their price increases, you can sell them.

Risk Factors Involved in Cryptocurrency Trading

Following are some of the risks that you need to mitigate while trading cryptocurrencies:

High Volatility

As you would have already heard, the cryptocurrency market is not stable, and you can expect it to change at any time. The price of currency changes very quickly, and these unexpected changes can result in a loss for you if not catered to in time. The price of cryptocurrency can suddenly decrease by a significant amount as well. Even if the price is not dropping by thousands, it can be reduced by hundreds. Various factors are involved in these sudden price changes, like the circulation of news, involvement of whales and much more.


No doubt cryptocurrencies have got a lot of popularity all around the globe. But still, the regulation of cryptocurrency is a huge issue. There is no regulation of cryptocurrencies by the government or the central banks. Recently, the issue of unregulated cryptocurrencies has attracted a lot of attention. Questions like whether to classify cryptocurrencies as virtual currency or commodity are in the air these days. Once cryptocurrencies are regulated, it will improve the security, reliability, and efficiency of cryptocurrency trading. However, for now, the unregulated cryptocurrency poses a risk to the traders.

Errors and Hacking

Anything online always has the threat of being hacked. It is a dark aspect of our online world that everything online is always at stake. No matter how many security measures are taken, hackers attempt to steal information in some way or the other. Similarly, technical glitches or human errors are always hanging like a sword on traders.

Forks and Discontinuation

The last risk that we will mention is a significant problem for many new traders in the market. Most of the new traders are unaware of the forks and discontinuations. If a hard fork occurs, then it can result in a significant loss for you. A hard fork means substantial price volatility, and trading is suspended because of unreliable prices in the market.

Mitigating Risks

Here are three ways you can try to reduce the risk involved in cryptocurrency trading:

Find a Reliable Exchange

Even before you invest $1 in cryptocurrency, you need to find a reliable exchange to perform your transactions. A safe and secure exchange plays a crucial role in successful trading. There are more than 500 exchanges, so it might be a strenuous job to find the perfect exchange. However, we recommend that you choose some well-known and popular exchange.

Storing your Currency

When you invest your money in cryptocurrency, you will have to store it somewhere. You can either store your cryptocurrency in an exchange or a wallet. Mostly, experts recommend that you should opt for a wallet to keep your currencies, more precisely, a hardware wallet. No matter how famous an exchange is, it cannot provide the level of security that a wallet does.

Diversify your Investments

It is a prevalent technique to reduce risks, as you know that there is always a risk of hacking in cryptocurrencies. So don’t store all your cryptocurrencies in one place. Instead, it would be best if you kept all your currencies in different wallets with different passwords. Even if one of your wallets is hacked, not all your investment is stolen.


Investing your money in cryptocurrency is always risky. It is all about being vigilant and smart that can get you through the trading process safely.

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