SIMIYU: When Easter hangover bites…

SIMIYU: When Easter hangover bites...

I may be incognizant of the turmoil that most of you will be experiencing as I was not party to the Easter Holiday but I will try to share in your suffering.

First, let’s talk about the cash crunch that will come biting. Having spent heavily on travel, partying, feasting and well…drinking, many people, especially Nairobians will be debted to the hilt before the end of the month.

To deal with this, however, some may in some cases have to skip some meals, cancel dates and sell some things on online platforms!

I wouldn’t bet on Nairobians cutting back on booze though because, let’s face it, they love their bottle.

Flashback: Remember January – yes that month which has 8 weeks – I was surprised to find night clubs full, not on one or two occasions but the whole month! FYI I was there for meetings with friends and I took sodas each time I was there because I, like other "normal" people, was broke.


Back to the issue at hand, it is no secret that many people will have to undergo self-mortification to see through this month and with tips from Google, we should be fine.

The other issue is the hangover itself – the nauseating, throbbing hangover like what you get after a night of taking a concoction of vodka, whiskey and beer.

From today to the next break (the weekend), a minute will be longer than an hour and an hour than a day, the level of productivity will drop drastically and there will be extensive office chats even between nemesis just because everyone feels they have a story to tell – like how they went to Hakuna Matata Festival in heel and came back all muddy.

I wouldn’t be quick to judge just because I had one “usual” weekend, with my fingers stitched on my laptop working, neither would I offer a resounding reassurance that everything will be back to normal soon.

Not that it matters, but I do sympathise with you for the struggles ahead but when Easter hangover bites, grow some teeth and bite right back!

By Simiyu Wafula

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