You hate Jesus! Racist American Pastor attacks Ugandan employee

A shocking video has surfaced on social media showing a racist American “pastor” roughing up hotel staff in Uganda claiming that the man “disgraced Jesus.”

In the 1min 52secs long clip, the elderly American pastor is seen breaking hotel property as he goes round the reception counter in pursuit of the hotel employee.

“Come here!…You hate Jesus? You hate yourself? You hate me? Huh?” the American asks as he closes in on his victim.

It is not immediately clear what caused the pastor’s outrage even as the man recording the video cheers him on.

“Francis wacha akupige (Francis let him beat you up),” the man holding the camera says.

The racist American pastor then slaps Francis on the face while yelling: “Talk! Talk!”

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He continues to insult the man calling him derogatory names but the employee still doesn’t fight back.

A man in a blue shirt enters the room and tries to intervene as the racist American pastor claims that Francis “has disgraced Jesus.”

“I will not tolerate no more….Jesus will not tolerate….f*** Uganda,” the pastor says pointing his middle finger towards the man holding the camera.

He claims that he has come to love and help Uganda but says the country “hates” Jesus through “this s** ** * *****”.

“Brother, you understand me?” he asks the man in blue.

The racist American pastor then attempts to either hug or kiss the man in the blue shirt who quickly pulls back.

“NO! NO! You obey what I say. I don’t obey you. Open my f****** room now! You b**** Look at me! Look at Christ who died for you,” the man tell Francis.

Francis, who has remained calm all this while, attempts to leave the scene and the pastor slaps his head.

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