Will Electroneum Launch Electricity Top-ups in Africa?

Will Electroneum Launch Electricity Top-ups in Africa?

Electroneum today comes in in the most popular cryptocurrencies of the time with a market cap of a whopping $75.82 million. Its huge database blockchain-based technology rules over 50 employees and trades in the form of ETN tokens that are generated to help freelancers sell their services without even paying incurring costs.

This user-friendly cryptocurrency has played a major contribution in making individual start-ups financially stable and eases their payment methods globally. With being called the first know-your-customer (KYC) and Anti-money-laundering (AML) cryptocurrency; Electroneum has successfully launched its electricity top-ups in four different countries that include Gambell, Nigeria, Senegal, and Mali.

Electricity top-up is basically a very helpful feature that enables ETN users to pay in the form of ETN tokens directly from the app. Electroneum has always been in pursuit of ways and expands its territory through introducing various incentives to its users regularly.

One such feature is the electric top-up that has made sending electricity to friends and families easier in a matter of a few clicks through a specified app. Africa has shown immense interest and enthusiasm to earn money through cryptocurrency in recent times. As a result, the young passionate small-business owners, soon-to-be-retired aged, and all other Africans who wish to get-rich-quick have actually liked and tried these electricity tops features introduced by Electroneum.

How Does the Electricity Top-up Feature Work?

  • The feature allows an instant payment system that has not made transactions easier and quicker but also safe and secure to send, receive, or transfer funds effectively.
  • It also facilitates local, overseas, and international payments to be sent to one place from another easily. This step is ideally carried out by sending the air time or data by keeping the energy refilled in the electricity top-ups.
  • Electricity top-ups also come in handy when your friend, family, or any closed one doesn’t have the electricity top-up refilled but can still get the airtime and electricity filled by you without spending heavy costs on transportation.

Introduction of Electricity top-ups in Africa

In a very short span of 30 months since electroneum launched the electricity top up feature; a great number of investors actually favored this idea and around 4.1 million users swiftly registered themselves to get benefit from this amazing feature.

Although the electroneum is looking forward to making this feature accessible in many other parts of Africa too but it’s still a long way to go. Not being able to send instant payments due to boundary barriers or lack of any efficient payment method can cause issues in any service.

To solve this concern, the electricity top-ups feature helped millions of freelancers and online workers who receive and send online payments to get their complete hard-earned money in their pocket. This useful feature also eliminates and minimizes any third-party interference that often results as the payment is deducted to a very large extent before reaching you.

Today, electroneum is empowered to involve around 140 countries to influence everyone to benefit from this amazing feature. The app used in the transfer of electricity and airtime is extremely safe, efficient, and reliable to get the work done in seconds without any hassle.

Not only registering yourself to the app is pretty simple but also the remittance charge for transferring and sending the money costs only between 5-10% of the total amount invested. However, using electroneum has made a huge difference in stabilizing the financial system of Africa.


From daily wage workers to immigrants; everyone in Africa who couldn’t bear paying taxes and fees to other transaction services found electricity tops ups a blessing in disguise. Electroneum has been able to require much appreciation and attention by granting a freelance platform that doesn’t ask them to pay commission from what they earn.

With the rising success of electroneum, bitcoin is also not behind to help people with their day-to-day transactions. If you’re intrigued to know more about this trillion-dollar cryptocurrency then give a survey to Bitcoin formula and learn the art of using bitcoin successfully.


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