Don’t mind the public, this is Moscow!

 Moscow Chronicles, by Jacob Icia

The saying when you go to Rome do as the Romans do rung in mind with such an opposition as rushed to connect a train to Cheremushki District – Moscow, when things that happen only in a movie or indoors were revealed to me passionately. I wondered how that was supposed to be done.

In an elevator, a young couple kissed for about two minutes nonstop, as the rest of the commuters watched.

No one was perturbed, apart from yours truly, who thought the two were over-expressing their affection for each other.

I kept it to myself and a week later, I’m getting used to the trend. It is like the elevators add more psyche to the young lads to kiss and kiss, because the habit is not common in other public places, at least for the days I have been around.

“It’s just a culture, nobody finds it abnormal here. It is just like in some African cultures women will kneel down to show respect for men. I think it would shock people here if they saw it,” a Kenyan friend working in Moscow told me.

While the culture of showing affection in public is not largely anything out of the ordinary in Europe, Moscow authorities in early 2000’s had prohibited kissing inside the underground metro rails.

Reuters reported in November 2003 the move was to curb “increased love lessons to children in the public transport system.”

At the penning of this account, it is clear the regulation is dead like dodo as residents here bask in the warmth of public kissing and caressing daily.

A crew member jokingly observed: If this gradually graduates without regulation they will make babies in the metros.”

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