Embattled Nock boss Ekumbo quits KSF after 34 years

Nock Second Vice-chair Ben Ekumbo in court. PHOTO/WALTER DZUYA
Nock Second Vice-chair Ben Ekumbo in court. PHOTO/WALTER DZUYA

The National Olympics Committee of Kenya (Nock) first vice-chairman Ben Ekumbo has retired as the Kenya Swimming Federation (KSF) president.

Ekumbo who has served the federation for a decade as its head along with 24 other years in various roles, announced his retirement on Saturday while expressing his desire to oversee a smooth transition when he finally trudges off after a turbulent 2016 in which his leadership has endured uncomfortable reviews from stakeholders at the KSF.

“My decision is after several consultative meetings with various stakeholders and after obtaining pertinent views we have agreed on the way forward as per the road map below, as per the constitution,” Ekumbo said in a letter addressed to chairmen of the KSF provincial branches.

Ekumbo called a National Executive Committee gathering over the weekend where he announced his decision and he is set to convene a Special General Meeting by end of the month.

The long serving federation boss added that he will formulate an Interim Committee comprising four members of the KSF Executive Committee, six members from the parents’ stakeholders and two members from the KSF coast branch to manage the transition process.

Ekumbo was dramatically arrested under his bed on November 21 in his apartment in Westlands, Nairobi as investigations on the Rio 2016 Olympics fiasco intensified.

Bales of kits and equipment meant for Team Kenya for the Games were recovered by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers with Ekumbo serving as Deputy Chef-de-Mission for Team Kenya in Rio.

Ekumbo was arraigned in court where he denied stealing KSh1m (USD10,500) which he later offered to return and further denied corruption charges in KSF.

He is also being and is being investigated on the serious charges of alleged child molestation with young swimmers.

Ekumbo is the fourth Nock official facing charges over the Rio 2016 scandal.

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Story By Charity Wanja
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One thought on “Embattled Nock boss Ekumbo quits KSF after 34 years”

  1. Something we need to be aware of.

    The KSF executive committee is elected from members who have
    been nominated by their various branches. They essentially represent their
    branches at the KSF although as One National committee.

    They therefore have no mandate of their own. Their mandate is
    drawn from the branches that nominated them.

    What this therefore means is that Mr. Ekumbo’s proposal to form
    an Interim Committee comprising members of the KSF executive committee is
    FRAUDULENT! This is the same as them having a vote at the Annual General
    meeting. Whom do they represent? Whose interests are they serving?

    The proposed Steering Committee Can Only consist of members from
    recognized branches!

    Many years ago, we went through what we are going through now
    even after a court process. Mr. Ekumbo reneged on it. Our mistake was that we withdrew
    the court matter without signing a consent and without our final agreement
    being registered in court as a settlement out of court. This would have tied
    down Mr. Ekumbo down for good.

    This is why I am alarmed, when we assume that Ben is doing what
    he proposed in good faith. He failed the test last time. He cannot do it again

    Mr. Ekumbo is NOT doing us a favor. He is not Retiring – it was
    not a job – he is relinquishing his position after pressure from the

    He must go together with his entire committee. He must do it

    For goodness sake I DO NOT understand WHY we are entertaining a
    disgraced official and still allowing him to hold us at ransom.

    Friends, these, in my opinion, are important issues that we need
    to dwell on. These are the issues THEY do not want us to discuss, instead, in a
    record 2days they have got us fighting. Fighting over irrelevances with some of
    us ready to go at each other’s necks for such petty things.

    I feel shamed and let down.

    We owe it to Kenyan Swimming Children to get this thing
    straightened out once and for all.

    The following is part of one of the attachments (to save those
    reading from handheld devices the trouble). This was in 2004.

    WAY FORWARD for Swimming in Kenya via KSF

    KSF can grant the same prayers to ALL SWIMMING

    Declaring that their term in
    office has expired and write a letter to ALL KSF branches to this effect
    and copied y to FINA, NOCK, IOC, KNSC, the sports department, the
    registrar of societies and the minister.

    Call a meeting of ALL
    chairmen & Secretaries of the KSF Branches to appoint an interim committee to take care of the
    affairs of swimming for a very short while – maximum 45 days. Letters to
    this effect be sent to FINA & the Registrar of societies with
    signatures from the former KSF officials.

    Appointment of
    an Interim committee comprising:

    representatives from Each Provincial Branch (NASA, RASA, CASA, NYASA &

    to have a vote.

    Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer to be appointed from among them by

    MUST NOT have served as members of the KSF Executive in the last 6 years.

    MUST NOT be eligible for the elections to be called.

    OF REFERENCE of the Interim Committee

    Thereafter the new KSF INTERIM COMMITTEE would:

    Bring about the adoption of the
    KSF Constitution negotiated by all the branches before November 27th
    2004. This SGM to be called within 14 days

    Draw up the accounts of the
    Kenya Swimming Federation.

    Supervise elections under the
    new constitution. To be called within 21 days of the adoption of the new

    The whole process should not take more than 45 days.

    During this 45 days ALL activities of the OLD KSF
    Executive to carried on without fail if found to be sound & to the benefit
    of Swimming.

    I feel the pain for Kenyan Swimming. It is personal because I
    suffered from its mismanagement.

    You cannot believe that the ASAK in 1985/86 through its chairman,
    the late, denied me a scholarship to study in Australia. I was a TOP swimmer.
    At that time, the media declared me the first Kenyan to swim the 100m Freestyle
    under the minute. By the way, Mr. Ekumbo was in that executive committee.

    WHY? Politics! Same old mess going on to date!

    This therefore is NOT about my children it is about ALL Kenyan
    children who take up the sport of Swimming.

    As we speak, what we call Kenyan Swimming is for the rich. ONLY
    for those who can pay. THERE is NO OTHER Kenyan National sport where the
    sportsmen and women pay for themselves to travel to international events or
    whatever events.

    Friends, Swimming has failed and failed badly.

    Let us change Swimming for Swimming not just for our
    children. 32 years ago, it “messed” my life. Surely, how much longer can
    we allow it to mess other children’s lives.

    I still went on to become the first “NASA” chairman at just
    about 27yrs of age. The first Nairobi branch before then was called “Amateur
    Swimming Association of Kenya Nairobi Provincial Branch”!

    When you look at the current NASA logo, blame it on me.

    So my friends, we have BIGGER issues to deal with.

    Let us handle them with care.

    We must be called to account at our level before we can call the
    National government to account. This is our area of comparative advantage, we
    must give it our best.



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