Look! It’s the Sports Ministry Twitter handle of shame!

Look! It's the Sports Ministry Twitter handle of shame!

The official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture (Mosca) has become a daily tragicomedy which displays the alarming degree of ineptitude at their Kencom House headquarters in Nairobi.

With top officials led by Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Hassan Wario, Principle Secretary Richard Ekai and Director of Administration Haron Komen facing prosecution over the Rio scandal, the ministry’s official Twitter handle is another fiasco altogether.

Social media police- if they exist- should swing into action and apprehend the culprits without further delay to save the country further embarrassment.

Put simply, whoever is running the handle seems to be a keyboard Ninja high on steroids or a clueless social media wannabe judging by the daily supply of gaffes that can warrant a complete shutdown of the entire micro blogging site in shame.

The rule of thumb for Twitter is to disseminate information in a captivating, timely and interesting manner, restricted to 140 characters and photos.

Relevance to your sphere of influence is the logical approach and with the digital age now in its biggest growth, social media is the tool where most organisations disseminate their news to the public.

Mosca 3Mosca’s handle however, is reading from a different script, one that breaks rules of grammar, plagiarizes information from news websites and opinionated on everything, including which skirt local pop icon Akothee wore to an award ceremony as opposed to its core mandate.

A cursory glance at the @moscakenya welcomes you to a timeline of confusion, a fruit salad of information that on one hand updates you on the latest Kenyan Premier League transfer signings ripped from websites and other news sources.

On the other end of the spectrum- and more disturbing at that considering taxpayers’ money is being dished out to the crown in charge- it will post the correlation of new traffic lights in the capital Nairobi and its ability to “stir growth in sports Culture & arts.”

It beggars belief how these two variables could be linked. The handle’s timeline will post two tweets on Kenyan sports and a random factoid on affirmative action in Ghanaian football.

If the person (s) responsible for the balderdash in Mosca’s Twitter feed is out to sabotage the information seeping through from the ministry, then they are doing a fine job of repeatedly pressing the self-destruct button.

The rationale behind Twitter is to update regularly and with quality information.

The Ministry’s handle on the other hand is entire focused on regurgitating whatever Internet trash that can fit Twitter’s quota and spew it out, or rather vomit it on social media with reckless abandon.

Comparing Kenya’s handle and South Africa’s Department of Sports and Recreation handle @SPORTandREC_RSA the focus is clear as far as content is concerned.

Its timeline is restricted to South African sports and culture, period.

Back to the Kenyan Twitter handle, is it right for an official government platform to market a private enterprise?

A tweet posted on January 13, 2017 urges future patrons to join a certain gym to “improve their fitness.”

Image rights infringement is not a concern on the administrator of the handle and his/her lackeys despite the legal pitfalls involved with surreptitious use of copyrighted pictures.

The handle blatantly lifts pictures from anywhere to complement its posts without attribution, a social media faux pas.

Misinformation is also an uncanny characteristic of this Twitter handle.

A pitiful January 10, 2017 post displays an image of Ferguson Rotich, the fifth finisher over 800m at the Rio 2016 Olympics while the subject of the text is sprint coach John Anzrah who was kicked out from Brazil in a cloud of controversy.

Essentially, the idea to capitalize on Twitter to inform the masses on the Ministry’s mandate is laudable but a clear content plan restricted to certain parameters should be typed out in bold, printed and pinned next to the desktop the administrator uses.

Mosca 1The handle’s timeline should evolve from random musings of an individual who seemingly has the drive to post into an administrator who has internalized the Twitter house rules.

For now, its 3000 followers are perhaps there to be served comedy relief or to find a subject to troll online rather than get the information befitting such a serious Government institution.

While it is generally accepted sports is recreation in nature, the Twitter handle of the parent ministry should reflect a sombre nature.

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Story By Bernard Ndong
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